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daily play

MY FATHER'S WILL........an African play....by AKANDE WALTER........ Act One Scene One At Mr Mark Worthing's compound Mark: The Morning dew we experience here in Nigeria, is overwhelming . Cara: you are right though Mark: I guess we will be at my fathers house today! Cara: yes we will mark leaves the room.....(enters Camilla).....Ca milla is the house help to Mr and Mrs Worthing . Camilla: good morning ma, how was your night and i hope you slept well! . Cara: yes I did......this weather is just too cold Camilla takes up the cotton, to bring in some little light Cara: there will be no need for that Camilla: OK ma......what do you prefer for breakfast? Cara: bread and tea would be OK for my husband and me Mark Worthing enters Mark: cami were ave you been? I have been calling out for you Camilla: am sorry sir I was attending to lady Cara . Mark: Dear you are still on bed? we are late already.....you know i ave to rush down to the company today, after we leave my fathers place. Cara: alright then....let me go and have my bathe......ave you had your bathe? . Mark: i haven't but i bet you if i enter that bathroom, i will be out before you. . Cara: that's because you men don't know how to bathe. . Mr mark who noticed the presence of Camilla, asked her to make a cup of coffee for him Camilla: ok sir, i will leave at once....and madam I will be in the kitchen preparing your breakfast. . Cara: you may go Camilla leaves the room Mark: what is it for breakfast? Cara: i asked Camilla to prepare something ....so, bread and tea will do. Mark: OK then......just let me know wen you have had your bathe.... Mr Mark exit to the main compound..... . Mark calls out for Albert.....Albert is Mr Mark's gate keeper, and he is also referred to as "A Clown" . Mark: Albert Albert: yes sir! Mark: why is the gate wide open? haven't I asked you to always close the gate? . Albert: am sorry sir I was attending to a man outside.....he say's he is looking for Mr Jerry and I told him there is no one in this house called Jerry.. Mark: don't be silly.....my name is Jerry . Albert: I had no idea that you name is Jerry... Mark: now that you know, kindly let him in..... Mr Dickson is Mr Mark's employee at the company...... Dickson: greetings to you sir, and how is the family? Mark: greetings .....my family and I am doing fine, please come in They both shake hands.. Dickson: Thank you sir Mark: so what brings you to my place at this early hour? Dickson: I have a message for you sir Mark: Wht is it about? Dickson: its from Mr john the cashier Mark: what does John have to say this time? Dickson: here it is sir! He hands mark an envelop . Mr worthing later realised that he had not offerd Dickson anything Mark: forgive my bad manners Dickson please what can i offer you? . Dickson: please don't bother sir am OK! Mark: you cant just come to my house at this early hour, and not take Anything . Dickson: alright sir, a glass of water will do! Mark calls out for Camilla Camilla: yes Sir Mark: please get Dickson a glass of water. Mrs cara comes in, in her naitive outfit of buba and wrapper, with gold necklace around her neck.... . Dickson: greetings to you lady cara Cara: greetings Mr Dickson how is your family? Dickson: they are well . At the other end of the sitting room, Mr Mark opens and reads the report that Dickson brought go him. after reading it, He makes a slight chuckle.... Mark: so this is what John has to say to me? what nonsense! if he does not want his removal as being the cashier, then he should better patch things up. . Camilla comes in with a glass of water for Dickson.... Camilla: here is the glass of water sir Dickson: thank you Camilla He drinks the water, and makes an attempt to leave Dickson: alright sir i think I have to take my leave....thanks for the hospitality..... He turns to miss cara Dickson: I will take my leave lady cara Mark: alright let me see you off. Dickson: alright sir They both leave the sitting room to the main compound, and mark sees Dickson off . Mr's cara calls for Camilla Cara: Camilla were is the breakfast I asked for? Camilla: I will be there in a minute... . Camilla enters the sitting room with two glass cup and a jug of hot water, and places it on the dinning table, and poured the hot water in one of the glass cup, alongside tea , a pack of sugar was also placed on the dinning table . Cara: where is the bread? Camilla brings along a loaf of bread... Camilla: here it is ma Cara: this bread is from what source? Camilla: it's lobel's bread Cara: that's good....you may go Camilla: alright ma Camilla leaves the dinning and goes to the kitchen..... Mr Mark comes in...... Cara: you are still not dressed! Mark: no, but I will in a minute . Miss Cara noticed the awful taste in the bread, and calls out for Camilla. . Cara: CAMI Camilla: I am coming ma! Camilla enters Cara: you said you got this bread from ...... Camilla: from lobels factory ma.....they are known to be the best producers of bread Cara: what nonsense...... I asked for bread, and you gave me this this thing that has no taste in it....you batter take this thing away and get me a new one Camilla: am sorry ma Mark notices the noice downstairs and rushed down...... Mark: what is the noise all about? Cara: it's this lobel's bread CAMI brought for me, it has no taste at all. Mark: well that's the kind of bread I love most Mr Mark takes a glass cup and prepared tea for himself..... . Cara: you better be quick because I ave somewhere going to Mark: to where if I may ask Cara: to see my Doctor. Mark: ohh....alright then let me get dressed and get my car keys. . Mark leave's the sitting room and comes back a couple of minutes later, in his black intalian suit, with the long sleeve like that of a lawyer's . Mark: alright time to go Cara calls out for Camilla. Camilla: yes Lady cara Cara: take care of the house till we get back . Cara and Mark both leaves the sitting room, and goes to the main compound, and Camilla sees them off. Mark calls out for Albert. Albert: yes sir! Mark: please open the gate Mr Mark start's his pathfinder jeep, that he just bought two months before the new year eve. and he drove off, and Albert shuts the gate. . Camilla turns to Albert Camilla: Mr Albert, how are you? and please make sure you always shut the gate. Albert put his hand's on his head, in a way of shock Albert: see this native she goat o.....so you have grown wing's abi.....that's why you could say that to me! Camilla bean surprised, turns to him.. Camilla: what did i say wrong? Albert: if not that am a man, you think I will be here? I should be the one in the kitchen....atleast I will get to eat up to six times in a day. Camilla: see you...you want to be in the kitchen, your mates are eating elephant grass, and yu are here chewing your. chord. Albert: me? Camilla: no. your fore fathers Albert: may thunder strike your mouth there.....will you get out of here.... Camilla makes a loud hiss and goes inside.... . Albert: its me this two left legged girl is talking to like this.....she is very lucky that oga and madam are not around if not I would have death with her... . Albert goes to his quarters . END OF ACT ONE...Act two coming soon
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